At the Information Point near Çlirim village, where the road to Finiq branches off the national road from Gjirokastër to Sarandë, the new EU Info Corner was opened, in the framework of the project “Municipalities for Europe”. This project is an initiative of the European Union which aims to increase the capacities of the Local Government Units in Albania in the framework of the European integration process of the country by setting up an EU office in each municipality that will be the point of reference in each respective municipality, not only for local administrative employees but also for all citizens and groups of interest at local level. In the operational level the EU Corners and their coordinators become the closest collaborator of the project, having two functions:

  • Strengthening the capacities of their local government units in relation to their functioning within European standards and the absorption of European project-based funds.
  • Serving as focal points for their local government unit, but also for the entire community in their region, with regard to information on the European Union.


In the coming days such info points about the European Union and the benefits that arise before and after integration of Albania into it will be opened in all the centers of the municipal units and services will be provided in two languages, Greek and Albanian.


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