Never before and no other former municipal authority before engaged himself in giving an end to the daily nightmare experienced by the inhabitants of Karroq when they crossed the bridge leading to their homes. In the winter, at the time of heavy rainfalls, when the fury of the waters was ruthless, anything could happen to the bridge and the people crossing it. One of its legs was literally in the air and the bridge could collapse from one moment to the other.
The Mayor Leonidha Hristo and his staff at the Municipality of Phoenice had assessed the gravity of the situation and had set it as a priority for intervention before the start of bad winter weather. For this reason, a couple of days ago a group of municipal maintenance workers intervened and reinforced the bridge by making it safe to cross under any kind of weather conditions. Apart from the reinforcement of the bridge leg, the municipal workers opened the riverbed to let the river follow its normal flow and avoid any potential damage that might be caused by the bad winter weather.
The maintenance works of the municipal workers to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants do not end there. Construction and maintenance workers are every day on the ground improving those infrastructure facilities that are vital to the community.

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