The complexity of the road axles makes it imperative to install suitable lighting, which will ensure good visibility to the users of the external traffic areas during the hours of darkness. Considering this need, Mayor of Phoinike, Mr. Leonidas Christou, has shown special attention to the process of placement of suitable lighting fixtures in the streets of the villages of Vrioni, Krane and Dhivri. This new lighting system substantially contributes to public and road safety, as their existence ensures the smooth flow of traffic. The total number of fixtures installed during this period is 208. Of these 98 were placed in the village of Vrioni, 40 in the village of Krane and the rest 70 in the village Dhivri. The works for fitting new lighting fixtures will continue hand in hand with that of the reconstruction of the roads. This is because the existence of constant lighting along the road axis is a basic prerequisite for the qualitative upgrading of roads, which our mayor attempts to carry out through a series of projects that take place in the villages of our municipality.

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