As a municipality we feel the need to express our sincere thankfulness to the Hellenic Ministry of the Interior, the Deputy Minister for the Citizen’s Protection, Mr. Nicholaos Toska, the Department of Fire Brigade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the kind commendable donation of a firefighting vehicle (type: STAYER 680 M3, capacity: 2,500 litres) to the Municipality of Phoenice. Special thanks we would also like to extend to the Greek Embassy in Tirana and the Greek Consulate in Argjirokastro, who once again served as a significant link with other parties to meet the needs of our municipality. This is a crucial contribution as the municipality has an area of 444 km2, which is mainly a forested area, and until now has not been able to intervene effectively even in the early stages of fire incidents. The delivery of the fire-extinguishing vehicle, following all the necessary legal procedures, took place in Ioannina on 16th July 2018.
It was imperative that a fire-fighting vehicle be procured to extinguish fires.
This fire-fighting vehicle will make a significant contribution to the prevention and protection of forested areas and other types of property, but primarily the preservation of human life, bearing in mind that our villages are inhabited mainly by elderly people.
In the end, we wish to express our gratitude for this generous donation again!

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