In many construction, rehabilitation and improvement works in infrastructure, Municipality of Phoenice has applied the method of partnership with the community i.e cooperation with rural communities for the co-financing of works. This was an initiative conceived and carried out by the Mayor, Leonidha Hristo, whose persistence in applying this method made even the most skeptical person embrace this new policy and practice. There are a lot of such successful collaborations for small works, but works that improve and change the living conditions of the residents in the villages of the municipality.
This time the cooperation proved to be fruitful for fixing and laying with concrete the inner roads of the village of Ardhasova. The village residents contributed financially to the purchase of 170 m³ of concrete with which 400 ml of roads were surfaced, whereas the municipality provided technical assistance and implementation of the entire volume of works with the workers of the services enterprise.
Many more construction, rehabilitation and improvement works in infrastructure are in the priority list of the municipality and a lot more other rural communities will benefit directly from them.

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